Friday, September 10, 2010

Whimsically Spooked

Happy & Scary, Spooky& Cooky
All these emotions in one collection,
Halloween faces made to an artist's perfection.
The little devil about to wet his britches,
A whimsical broom ride with cute little witches.
Mummy boy all wrapped up tight,
And little Draco, his face full of fright.
The little darlings of Halloween.

Joyful & Frightening, Pale faces & Eyes a widening.
Pumpkins full of candy and gleam,
Make way for the Halloween Queen.
Smiling candy buckets for girls and boys,
for them to collect their Hallow's Eve joys.
And don't forget Fannie and Jack,
Pumpkins ready for wonderful snacks.
Oh the little darlings of Halloween

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