Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Trů Bee local honey fresh from the farm. You know what they say, a teaspoon a day keeps the allergies away.

Beekeepers, Laura and her husband Jeff from Arrington, take pride in their "free range" bees. Because they let their bees roam, they are healthier and so is the honey, and because they are LOCAL, we consider them our new local artists. After all, beekeeping is an art..right?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Three ways to add a personal approach to decorating

Up-cycled. Faded. Recycled.

Ready to tear away from the cookie cutter modern look or the more traditional style? If it's tattered a little here and torn a little there, your look may just be faded elegance.

Made from an old french bushel basket, this light fixture was once a necessity for farmers, now it's what we consider recycled. In essence we are putting a contemporary spin on a country style.

This hand-carved English chair, recovered with a cotton Dash & Albert rug, is the perfect example of Up-cycling. Take something old and add a touch of new.

Whatever your style, allow your home to reflect your own interests and express your personality.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I have been tagged by my fellow shopkeeper friend, Paige from Hodgepodge.(My favorite little go-to store in Clarksville,TN.)So, apparently I am suppose to share 7 facts about myself that you might find interesting, and some famous fellow has named this venture a "meme".

1. My addiction to junking doesn't stop with funky things, I also require a steady diet of Dark Chocolate.

2. Unlike my friend Paige, I would be more likely to reschedule a dentist appointment than to miss my standing appointment for a massage. After all, haulin' and luggin' for this shopkeeper, really takes it's toll.

3. Green is my favorite color. Chippy cupboards, vintage wallpaper, old glassware, and textiles..if it's green its my weakness.

4. I love to garden. My favorite flowers to grow are my big blue mop hydrangeas. Although, I couldn't possibly have a garden without variety.

5. I'm an English Home Magazine junkie. I love to pile up in the bed with all my volumes and read the estate ads. As boring as that may sound, the English language mixed with my love for cottage style homes, is my interpretation for the perfect peaceful moment.

6. I have a pretty extensive bucket list, but this is the one I am working on at the moment. I would like to show up at the airport with empty suitcases in hand, and book the next available flight, wherever it is going, and go junkin' 'til I fill my bags.

7. I have a closet that would scare even the most experienced mothers of teenagers. I will spare you the picture.

(I'm pretty sure MiMi saw my closet.)

Here is the fun part! It's time to pass it on... Let's see if we can get Three French Hens, Bluebird Notes, Queen Of Tarte to play along.

Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

May the luck of the Irish be to your back this St. Patrick's Day. Here's a little history on the Patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick.

Hand-Carved Saint By Hank Schlau $32

St. Patrick (389-461) first entered Ireland against his will: the son of a petty Roman official on the west coast of Britain, Patrick was kidnapped at the age of sixteen by Irish raiders and taken to Ireland as a slave. He was sold to an Irish king who employed him as a shepherd. During his long periods of solitude as a shepherd, he began reciting Christian prayers he had memorized as a boy. After six years in captivity, he escaped and returned home. He was eventually consecrated and then returned to Ireland as a bishop (a shepherd). His work in Ireland was astounding: baptizing tens of thousands and establishing a native clergy and church. His work was a sign of tenacity and love given in a land that had once held him in slavery. In very old sculptures of Patrick, he is sometimes, as here, shown holding a sheep: a symbol both of the work he performed when he first came to Ireland and of his work as a shepherd of the people.

So this St. Patty's Day when I'm wearing a little green, watching the parade, and drinking my fair share of Guinness, I'll be a little more mindful of the true celebration of the holiday.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dash & Albert and Waxing Poetic

With the shipments in and the displays of samples filled and ready to go, the expansion is complete! Who knew that spring could be tangible in an indoor/outdoor rug or cotton tote bag? Show off the spring chic in your home with woven cotton pillows, throws, and of course rugs by Dash & Albert.

Dash & Albert wasn't the only thing on the truck! We also received new chains and charms from Waxing Poetic.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tony Bowls, Blush, & Street Tuxedo Sponsored by Sugar Drop Inc.

Our Neighbors at Sugar Drop are holding a fashion show!

As you all know, prom is just around the corner. Ladies,of course you all want to be the belle of the ball, and the gentlemen always want to catch the eye of their date. Show off your style and elegance with a dress by Tony Bowls or Blush designs and put that man in a dashing tux by Street Tuxedo.

Not looking for a prom dress? How about that special charity event you need to attend? Be a trend setter with this year's latest evening wear.

This Sunday March 6th, Sugar Drop would like to invite you to join them for their first annual showing of formal wear at the Brentwood Library from 1:00pm until 4:00pm. For any questions please contact the girls at Sugar Drop. 615-353-5003

Dress: Blush by Alexia style#:5015 $481 can be purchased at Sugar Drop, Earrings: Can be purchased at C'est Moi, Grandma's Buttons $24