Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meet Janice Maria

" Janice Maria Appropriately named after two dear friends."

Save the Ta-Ta's with C'est Moi! We are participating in Painted Pink(a group of artists who agree to paint a piece pink for charity). For the month of October this cutesy cabinet, Janice Maria, will be on display in shop for the highest bidder to take home. All of the proceeds will go to The Minnie Pearl Foundation. Better hurry, her price tag has already escalated to to $50.

We couldn't possibly think of painting Janice Maria in anything else, but Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Because she is such a special gal, we created a special color just for her. She is a blend of 50% Scandinavian Pink and 50% Old white, and just to keep her our little "French Mademoiselle" we had to do a little gilding too.