Friday, December 7, 2012

Layered Stencils with Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT™

If you've never been to the Nashville Flea Market, you are missing out. We found this "beauty" of a frame tucked away in a stall there. It's actually one of a pair; we've already spruced up the other one, and it's definitely become the better half!

Our first step was to use the Annie Sloan Work Book to come up with some possible color combinations. As you can see, our first step was to mix Florence and Provence to create a beautiful Tiffany Blue shade.

Here's a look at everything we used, including the finished product (the back of the frame; we'll show pictures of the finished frame in a later post.) The list includes Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT™ in Florence, Provence, Country Grey, and Chateau Grey, as well as chip brushes, a roller (not pictured) and two small stencils. That's it! 

The first step was painting the board in the blue shade we created. Then, we placed Chateau Grey and Country Grey side by side in a small paint roller tray, applied the paint to our roller, and painted on the first stencil. We then followed the same steps with our second stencil, a peacock feather design. These stencils are inexpensive and can be picked up at any craft store, so they're great to experiment with!

Here's the finished product! You can see the shading of the Chateau Grey and Country Grey along with the layered stencils. This is a technique you can learn how to do yourself in one of our Advanced Workshops. They're filling up fast for January and February, so be sure to reserve your place soon!

We also have received some lovely new products; these screen printed flour sack tea towels are simply gorgeous. The vintage designs and vibrant colors have quickly turned them into a best seller. They would make a great Christmas gift!

Jewelry is, of course, a classic Christmas gift as well. We have plenty to offer; some of our favorite designs have recently arrived but they are moving quickly!  

Although we love the many rings, charms, and bracelets we received, long dainty necklaces like these might just be our favorite. We love the layered look, and they just seem to be made to mix and match. 

Don't forget to call us to reserve your place in one of our Advanced Workshops!

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