Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Beauty from Ashes

Anyone who read this post we wrote in September knows how very proud we are of Emily Little, owner of Little E Studio. In addition to her extraordinary talent, she has also shown amazing resilience in the midst of a very difficult trial; soon after she received her licensing deal with Creative Co-Op her home was destroyed by a fire.

She and her family have been unbelievably positive and upbeat, despite the loss of most of their possessions. This included almost all of Emily's artwork. We are happy to announce, however, that several pieces were salvaged and restored to their original state.

These pieces are very near and dear to Emily's heart. While she doesn't normally name each one she creates, these have been given special names to commemorate, in a small way, the journey Emily and her family have experienced in the past few months.

The first one is called "Best Seat in the House."  We love the bold colors as well as the bird silhouette. It's a classic Little E Studio design!

This bouquet of daises has been named "Beauty from Ashes." It's a simple, happy, uplifting image, especially when we consider that this beautiful work of art actually was brought forth from the ashes left behind by the devastation of a fire.

Emily named this stunning, vibrant cross "Answered Prayers." We know Emily and her family have had many of those and their faith in moving forward continues to inspire us. 

Those who have not seen Emily's work in person and are planning to stop by this week are in for a real treat. As beautiful as they are in photos, they're truly breathtaking in person. We're so glad to have them back!

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  1. Tawnya!! I just saw this!!! Thank you so much for your sweet words and for all you've done for me!!!! After such a wonderful day, this just made my cup overflow!!!! Love you!! Emily