Friday, July 6, 2012

On Cloud Nine

Well, this is certainly the most unique item we've ever sold in the shop.  If you need to spend some time on Cloud Nine, we've got you covered.  The silver lining comes with it; you can't beat a deal like that!  

If you've been in the shop the last few months, you'll have seen our antiqued green bed.  It started with a 50-50 mixture of Paloma and Antibes Green.  That became the base coat.  Then it was lightly streaked with Old White.

The streaks were sanded a good deal to blend them into the green, then topped off with a good deal of dark wax and sanding around the edges and details.  The bed itself is not very ornate, so this technique gave it a little character!

We introduced you to Florence a few weeks ago.  She's one bold lady, which makes her perfect for use in Kelli Montana's beautiful work!  This is one of her newest pieces.  You can see Florence showing off in the background, trying to steal the show as usual.  :)

Finally, we'd love you to stop by and see our new bookshelf!  The back is made of an antique door with its original chippy painted finish, while the front was built around it.  A little distressing made it all come together, so now it holds a few of our favorite things!  

We hope you're all having a wonderful week and staying cool!

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