Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Behind the Scenes

Anyone who's come in the shop has probably noticed our nice little workstation in the back corner. If you've ever seen one of us toiling away at the table, you'll know that this is where we complete almost all of our smaller painting projects.  These craft boxes, for instance, are a great painting project for those who don't want to leap into a big commitment.

You could paint them each in solid, coordinating colors or you can use our approach.  We'll reveal the final result when their complete, but there's no need to be traditional with such a quick and inexpensive project. Try using three (or even more) colors on one box to really brighten things up! 

These 1" chip brushes are the perfect tool to try it with!  Having several of these on hand makes changing paint colors easy. They're also fantastic for painting in small crevices or cutting in edges and corners.

We'll definitely be using these brushes when we spruce up these drawers. They've been waiting for a makeover, and we can't wait to give them a little more life!

You can see from this picture just how much of a difference a little paint can make.  We painted both the frame and the mat, and they now highlight a beautiful Midori paper pattern. A quick, easy project that's easy to replicate at home! 

If you do decide to start a project, this might be your new best friend. No fancy or expensive products here; baby wipes (yes, baby wipes!) will clean CHALK PAINT™ right off your hands. Sometimes simple is best!   

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