Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Inspired Reading

Everyone knows fall is the best time of year to cozy up with a book, and we've been busy perusing some exceptionally inspired work lately. Zoe Ellison and Alex Legendre's A Life Less Ordinary stands out as one of the most beautiful books published this year. The first book from the owners of i gigi, one of England's most eclectic boutiques, A Life Less Ordinary includes Legendre and Ellison's journeys to becoming designers, inspirations, and stunning photography of their chic but practical design aesthetic.

Summers in France has been another captivating read. Designer Kathryn M. Ireland's journal-style writing and family photos create an inviting book that captures more than just her sense of style. It allows you to see how she actually lives with her designs. Ireland's tips and ideas are offered through the lens of her family's renovated farmhouse in the French countryside, providing plenty of gorgeous inspiration for your own home.

While many of us think of French decor simply as "shabby chic," Sebastien Siraudeau shows us a different view with his book, French Flair: Modern Vintage Interiors. He takes the reader through one hundred truly remarkable properties, all demonstrating a diverse mixture of traditional and contemporary elements. Siraudeau's advice for creating a home's history, in addition to the exquisite photography, make this a must read.

For a little lighter reading, pick up the latest copy of Flea Market Style, one of our favorite magazines. We love searching for and collecting one-of-a-kind treasures to give our shop and our homes their own unique stories. Flea Market Style offers fantastic ideas for taking vintage items and integrating them into home design. Needless to say, we read it cover to cover every time it comes through our door!

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