Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Introducing Artisan Enhancements

We've been asked about numerous decorative finishes and if they can be used with CHALK PAINT by Annie Sloan®. We're excited to finally be able to recommend a fabulous product: Artisan Enhancements by Aloha Coatings. Below you'll see we've stenciled with their Pearl Plaster paint, which produces a velvety, pearlescent shimmer.

Pearl Plaster offers the flexibility that fans of CHALK PAINT by Annie Sloan® have become accustomed to. It can be painted, rolled, toweled, dry brushed, and even tinted with various paint colors to create an endless number of finishes. 

When using Pearl Plaster, you can either wax over it or use Aloha Coatings' clear topcoat. The topcoat can also be used directly over CHALK PAINT by Annie Sloan®, so you can use painted pieces outside. No more worrying about the weather destroying all of your hard work!

In addition to Aloha Coatings' products, you'll want to pick up a topcoat brush. They are specifically designed to prevent brush strokes from showing, so you can finally achieve a perfectly smooth finish!

You can't use a brush without properly cleaning it, and this is hands-down our favorite cleaning product. This lye soap by Coda Artisans removes all traces of paint, wax, and other residual products from brushes. It is so amazing, you won't want to start painting without a Big Fat Lye waiting in your arsenal.

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