Monday, March 11, 2013

Accents for Maison & Moi

This whimsical pillow is adorned with a sweet message that speaks to all of us here at C'est Moi:

The Art of Possibility

Art is about rearranging us,
creating surprising juxtapositions,
emotional openings,
startling presences,
flight paths to the eternal...
into the bright realm of possibility.

The mixture of earth tones, stitching, and burlap trim makes it more than a backdrop for poetry, though. It's an absolutely beautiful accent piece that we would love to take home with us!

It would look perfect next to these burlap flowers. Accented with tiny brown buttons, they come together to create a romantic yet understated floral arrangement ideal for those who enjoy simple, classic designs. Not having to water them is just an added bonus!

For those looking to update accent pieces rather than buy new ones, there's nothing easier or more dramatic than new furniture hardware. These over-sized crystal knobs are stunning, and anyone who comes in the shop and sees them in person has a hard time resisting them! Their clear color and design makes them neutral enough for any style, while their size and brilliance makes a dramatic statement. 

These, on the other hand, are just as beautiful but are certainly not neutral. They are decidedly vintage, adding an antique charm to what could be an otherwise neutral piece. Perfect for anyone going for a classic shabby chic look!

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