Friday, August 24, 2012

It's All About Florence

Have a project lying around, just waiting on you to decide what color to use?  Then we are pleased to announce we have the perfect solution for you! New 4 ounce sample pots of CHALK PAINT™ are on our shelves!  You can now compare several colors at home without the commitment of buying a whole quart. Perfect for those of us who change our minds more than a few times. :)

There's one lady that we never change our minds about, though. She's Florence, of course!  Remember this bookcase we painted in Florence and Antibes Green?

How about this French piece with beautiful gilding on the front? (One of our favorites!)

Not too long ago we also shared this extraordinary frame makeover. Florence, of course, was the star of this show.  Are you noticing a trend yet?  Just keep going...we promise it'll be worth it. :)

This side table is one of our most recent designs. We painted most of the piece in Florence, while the lower shelf and drawer inset is Graphite. All it needed was a little clear wax to top it off.  We love the contrast on this piece!

We liked it so much, in fact, that we used the same colors on this bookshelf!  Florence covers most of the piece, while Graphite accents the back.

And just in case you thought CHALK PAINT™ is for furniture only, we also painted a floor covering. A bright, punchy floor mat can add much-needed color in unexpected places.

Now for the best part of this post; the quart of Florence in the picture above is the only can of paint we used to paint all of the pieces in this post!  So if you're worried about how far a quart will go...don't be. Yet another reason we love CHALK PAINT™!

We're not the only ones in love, though. The students at our advanced workshop centered around Florence learned to mix it with other colors to shade their layered stencils. One of our favorite colors is made when Florence is combined with Provence; it turns out a beautiful Tiffany Blue.  Why don't you pick up a couple of sample pots and see for yourself?  :)

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