Monday, April 30, 2012

A New Arrival

We have a new friend coming all the way from England: Annie Sloan paint brushes; they'll be here tomorrow!

These brushes come in three different sizes and are perfect for any Chalk Paint project, whether it's your first attempt or you're a seasoned pro. Their thick, tapered bristles are, according to Annie, "strong and firm, but pliable." It gives you maximum control, reducing brush strokes and helping the paint to go on smoothly.

We'd been saving this piece specifically for our new brushes. It's a six drawer chest with two slim drawers (for gloves, perhaps?)  The pieced veneer created a unique problem; patterns like this can sometimes make it more difficult for the paint to look smooth. Enter the Annie Sloan paint brush...

We decided to use Country Grey and added highlights in Old White, with some light sanding on the edges.  

The wax on this dresser is a little bit different. Instead of applying the clear wax first, we applied a blend of 50% clear wax and 50% dark wax straight onto the piece. This creates more of a rustic finish, which works well on this piece since there was a pronounced veneer pattern. The worn look perfectly complements the original bronze hardware--our favorite part of the dresser!

Beware to anyone who wants to try this look; you have absolutely no control over the finished look and you can't remove the dark wax using clear wax, as you normally can. You get one shot to get the look you want, but if you're confident enough to try it it can create a beautiful worn finish.

Remember to come in the shop tomorrow (Tuesday, May 1) to get an Annie Sloan paint brush so you can create your own Chalk Paint masterpiece!


  1. a paint finish that comes with a warning/disclaimer? well, it worked well for you, but then again, i haven't seen anything you painted that i didn't LOVE!

  2. I love how it turned out. Beautiful job! It's gorgeous and has a pretty new life :)