Saturday, May 28, 2011

You can keep them in Provence

Here at C'est Moi we have always loved the inspiration that the French pull from the countryside. Beautiful blues, sunflowers and until recently insects like Bee's and Cicada's .
While knowing that the cicada symbolizes summers in Provence and that they are considered to be lucky, I'm having a hard time embracing them. I think it's fair to say I have found my first thing FRENCH I can live without .
The ormolu and textiles which these little bugs have inspired has taken on a new light, I'm not sure I will ever be able to look at them again without thinking of the summer of 2011.
Let me explain.... I live in an area of Nashville dubbed "Green Hills" which is an older more established part of town and like the name says, it's very green and happens to be where these critters like to hang out! So until mid June when they leave or die or whatever it is they do I guess I'm going to consider myself very lucky and welcome summer French style with the deafening sound of the cicada.

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  1. I got a feel for what y'all are dealing with when I had a doc visit in Nashville...WOW. Deafening even with the windows up!
    I'm only 45 min away...none here thankfully!